Student Testimonials

22.DPC 2013-Truong-2

Truong, Tien
DePaul Catholic High School

My name is Tien Truong, an international student from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have been in the United States for about 6 years, of which 2 years I studied at DePaul Catholic High School and 4 years at Rutgers University New Brunswick. When I first came to America, my English skills were pretty bad. Even though I knew some vocabulary and grammar, I could not speak or hear them very well. Luckily, by communicating with fellow students, friends, teachers and staff members over , I was able to advance my skills and felt more confident in talking to other people. Then I slowly adapted to the environment and learned from others. DePaul Catholic is a famous private school in town. It has a better education system with less students than a public school. The school focuses more on practices and exercises than theories so students can learn and develop better. Subjects and classes tend to be easier, especially math. I would recommend you guys to pick U.S History and Psychology because you often get to go on field trips, which I did several times during a year. Besides, the school frequently has social activities and entertainment during the last period of the day so students can gather in the assembly room to have fun, relax and talk to each other. After school, there are sports such as soccer, football, volleyball and basketball where you can join team to practice or to play for fun. I like soccer so I usually stayed after school for practice, where I met new friends and had fun. If you guys are thinking about studying abroad in America during high school, I would recommend to choose DePaul Catholic because of the diverse culture of the school, which allows me to adapt pretty quickly. My communication skill was improved significantly after a short period of time. Friends, teachers, and staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to help other students, especially transfer and international students. Best of luck on your success.


Zhou, Zhenyi
Nazareth Academy High School

[Student] Thanks Nazereth for offering so much help. So many teachers care about us and take care of us. I feel like I'm at home when I'm at school. Thank you for turning my senior year to the best year in my life. Thanks, my family for raising me up and supporting me no matter what. [Parents] Today, my daughter graduated from Nazerath. Thank you for offering such a good school to us and let us stay with such a good host family. I feel assured to let my daughter stay in here. Hope you are getting better and better. Thank you!


Li, Yixuan
Holy Cross Academy

My name is Li, Yixuan and English name is Lyanna. I’m 11th grade now. My host family and school are very good. It’s very convenient for me to shopping. My schoolmates are all kind. Compare with other schools, Holy Cross Academy is a great school. So, come to join us!


Liu, Chang
Holy Cross Academy

Hi. I have been studying in Holy Cross for three years and this year is my last year. All the international students are very friendly and getting well along with Americans. The environment is nice, even though it's a bit hot. Our relationship is really great. We maintain friendly relationship with host family. If you want to study in here, I think Holy Cross is a great choice.


Zhang, Ge
Holy Cross Academy

I have been studying in Holy Cross for two years. I like this place. Everyone is very friendly and kind. I'm also looking forward to college.


Luo, Yidan
DePaul Catholic High School

Hello, my name is Luo, Yidan. I came here last August for the Summer School Program. I have studied at DePaul Catholic High School for almost one year. I recently moved to a Korean host family. They cook very delicious meals for me. I’m very happy to study in this school because there are a lot of International students that I can communicate and study with. Also, local students welcome to us. I hope you can come and study here.


Jin, Siqi
DePaul Catholic High School

My name is Jin, Siqi and I’m in grade 11th. DePaul Catholic High School has a group of high level teachers. My host family is very good. Our vacation is also very good. It’s very convenient to shopping and travels around during vacation. Also, it’s easy to communicate with you parents through Internet or phone. There are various activities at school. If you want to make friends, you have to chance to have a lot of good friends at school. DePaul is a very good school and is popular in Wayne, NJ. Welcome to DePaul and be our friends!


Li, Anzhi
DePaul Catholic High School

I have studied in DePaul Catholic High School for more than half year. I really like my school because all the students here are all very friendly and teachers are all responsible. No matter Chinese classmates or American students, they are very kind. My host family is also very good. The food is very suitable for my taste and the house is very clean and comfortable. If you want to make a choice, we welcome you to come to our school.


Wang, Di
DePaul Catholic High School

Hello, everyone. My name is Wang, Di. I became a student of DePaul Catholic High School last year. I’m a senior and I’m going to graduate this year. DePaul Catholic High School not only provides me a good education opportunity, but also gives me a chance to experience real American lifestyle. Especially, my host family, they are so nice to me. They not only support me on my daily life, but also they welcome me to join them and enjoy American family. I really learned a lot here and this is a very good opportunity. Thank you!


Zhang, Tengyue
DePaul Catholic High School

Hello, I’m Zhang, Tenyue, from Ningbo, Zhejiang. I have been in the United States for two years. This is my third year. Before I came here, I thought it would be very fresh and challenging for me. After I arrived here, I met a lot of frustrations and difficulties, but through the experience I have become more mature and have more ability to deal with the problems. I have learned a lot. I enjoy the weather and atmosphere here. My host mom treats me very nicely. I hope you will like America.


Zhang, Kaiyuan
DePaul Catholic High School

Hello, I’m Zhang, Kaiyuan. I study at DePaul Catholic High School。 I’m in 12th grade. I think as long as you are independent enough, the life in the U.S. is so wonderful. Also, you need to keep an open heart and be willing to communicate with others. In this way, you will find your teachers, classmates, host families are all friendly. You will very be happy.


Ye, Haofeng
DePaul Catholic High School

I believe I can receive a better education in the U.S. than in China and there is less pressure. My teachers are very good and when I have something that I can’t understand, they will patiently explain it to me. My host family cooks well and it is a nice family. I’ve been here for a month and I feel I’m more independent. I know more about the American way of communicating and socializing.


Guo, Xutong
DePaul Catholic High School

I’m from China. I have been in the U.S. with Edu-Link for 2 years. DePaul Catholic is a very good high school. The classes, teachers and the school system become more and more refined. DePaul Catholic High School and Edu-Link helps me a lot! During the vacations, we have a lot options to join the various activities. Also, host family policy has been improved. They strongly support our daily life as well as school and Edu-Link. Edu-Link is getting better and better. My life here becomes much easier than before and my English skill has been improved significantly. They help me a lot! Thank you!


Li, Qinjian
DePaul Catholic High School

Hi Ms Gina, I have graduated. You thought my English was bad, but now I'm really good at English. So, don't worry about me. I'll be good in college. Host family is good. Depaul is good. I'm going to UCLA, Civil Engineering.


Wu, Qichen
Holy Cross Academy

Firstly, I'm very excited to graduate from Holy Cross. It's a very good school and I'm happy to graduate from here. It has been amazing. I've spent two and half years here. The first half year here was totally different. It took me like two months to get used to that. After that, things went well. I got to the college that I want to. Holy Cross is just a great place to me. My college is New York University. It's different from other colleges. My major is Media, Culture, and Communication. So I'll probably do something media later, after graduation.


Liu, Tongdu
Holy Cross Academy

Finally I finished my three-year study in here. Thanks to my host family. I'm very glad to spend three years with them. Thanks Edu-Link for many activities. Thanks for graduation.


Yang, Fukui
Holy Cross Academy

The most important thing of studying in America is host family. They treat me really really good. Because my host family has a son who is in the same grade as me, so I can learn about any activities of school from him and I won't miss any activiteis. I mean it. Host family is the most impoartant factor of studying abroad. Of course you have to interact more frequently with teachers, classmates at school, which can improve your English proficiencies. Also, America is a really nice place. The courses offered at school are pretty easy. Much easier than China. If you have spare time, you can participate in sports. If you are good at sports, you can use your sports as an expertise to attend better schools.


Huang, wenfei
Nazareth Academy High School

My name is Huang Wenfei. Thank you Edu-Link, for introducing such a good school to me. My host family is very good, especially host mom. Thanks my parents for offering me such a great opportunity. I really appreciate the attentive caring and consistent help of study from Edu-Link, especially tutoring which helped me apply to good colleges. Thank you very much!


Wei, Tong
DePaul Catholic High School

Thank you dad and mom, thank you. Thanks to my host family. Both of my host parents are very caring and took good care of me. Thank you Edu-Link. Julia, thank you for coming to my graduation ceremony. I finally met you. We said that we're going to meet a year ago and finally we met. I actually don't want to leave here, even though I want to escape from the school when I was studying here. And now I really really don't want to leave. My college is near here, so I will come back here to visit my teachers and I will also visit Julia.