1How do I apply?
Please download the application from our website at www.CapstoneAmerica.org and send it to us along with the other required documents for the admission's officer to review.
2Can I apply for multiple schools at the same time?
Yes. A student can use one application to apply to one or multiple schools at the same time. There is a place on the application form for you to indicate your choice(s).
3How much is the application fee?
A $100 non-refundable application fee per school must be paid when submitting the application.
4When to apply? Is there an application deadline?
Schools accepts students in the Fall and the Spring of each academic year. All applications will be reviewed based on a rolling admission and there are a limited number of openings available for each school. Therefore, it is always better to apply as soon as possible.
5Do I need an English Proficiency test?
Yes, non-native English speaking students must submit one of the following English proficiency tests taken within 3 months- SLEP, TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, SSAT, ISEE, ELTiS, IELTS
6When should I arrive in the United States?
We recommend that students arrive in the United States one week prior to the first day of school.
7Where do I live?
Students will be given host family options and students will choose host family they want to live with during the school year.
8Can I attend school without joining the host family program?
"No, student must live with an approved host family in order to attend our school unless the student is going to live with their own parents."
9Can I change my host family?
Yes, students may change their host family selection after the beginning of new academic year. If a problem should arise between the student and host family, the International Student Coordinator at CAPSTONE program will help to resolve the conflict.
10What will happen if I don't pass one or more courses?
"The student is expected to pass all classes. If a student fails one or more classes at the end of the school year, the student will not be able to continue with his/her education at the school and the I-20 will be terminated."
11Can I join clubs, activities or play sports at school?
Yes, being involved at school is very important, and we encourage students to join clubs or play sports at school.
12Can my parents visit and stay with me at my host family?
We encourage parents to visit students but parents would need to find their own separate accommodations during their stay.
13Can I get driver’s license or driver's permit?
Due to liability reasons, students are not permitted to get a driver's license nor a permit and may not drive anyone's car.