Program Outline

Why CAPSTONE Day School Program with American Homestay

The CAPSTONE Day School Program with American Homestay prepares students whose primary goal is to enter competitive and prestigious universities around the world. Our private day school offers a college preparatory curriculum, and also provides students with an easier way to transition into the American way of life because each student lives with a local host family. All of our private day schools are characterized by a challenging curriculum, small classes, and a wide array of extracurricular sports and activities to further prepare the student for the future. Our schools are located in safe, upper-middle class suburban areas with no educational risk factors, and we expect our international students to have high academic and personal standards.

  • Receive a U.S. High School Diploma
  • Live Experience of Extracurricular Activities, Sports and Clubs
  • Choose from a Variety of AP Courses and University Courses
  • Comprehensive College Counseling
  • Acceptance into Top U.S. Universities

Program Outline

  • Grades : Grade 8-12
  • Term : Fall & Spring (September & January)
  • Location : Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan,
    New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
  • Accommodation : American Homestay
  • Requirements :
    - Past 2 years of school transcripts
    - Standardized Tests (SSAT. TOEFL or SLEP)
    - Personal interview (via telephone or Skype)


  • Open to all international students
  • Local Host Family Program
  • Stay for a semester, a year or longer to graduate
  • Smaller class sizes allow for more personal attention
  • State-of-the-art technology labs, science labs, and library resources
  • Co-educational and single gender schools
  • Professional Guidance Counselors available for course selection and college planning
  • All Schools are accredited and the curriculum meets U.S. national standards.

What Does CAPSTONE Do?

Interview Student and Review Application as an Admissions Official

As admissions officials, we meet students worldwide several times a year.

  • Meet with international students from around the world
  • Interview students in person or through Skype
  • Review application files and make an admission decision
  • Place students in private secondary schools that best fit their academic and extra-curricular requirements

Management as an International Student’s Advisor

We believe the host family is the most important factor in a student’s success.

  • The Host Family Program is run exclusively by CAPSTONE.
  • Each student is matched with a host family who will be an ambassador and mentor.
  • CAPSTONE helps students determine their course selections.
  • We build up strong extracurricular activities, including leadership and sports.
  • Holiday trip to European countries and top U.S. colleges.
  • We communicate with students every week.

College Counseling as a College Counselor

We help the international student throughout the entire program including the college selection process.

  • Prepare the student for College Entrance Tests (SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and IBT TOEFL)
  • Counsel the student on how to choose the best possible U.S. colleges by major
  • Help with college applications and how to navigate through the process
  • Build up a strong résumé, extracurricular activities and personal essays
  • 100% of our CAPSTONE international students are admitted to the top 100 U.S. college every year