Program Outline

What is CAPSTONE American Curriculum?

  • CAPSTONE American Curriculum is designed to provide overseas international schools with a genuine American international school program.
  • CAPSTONE American Curriculum is intended to teach local school students by using American teaching methodologies at schools in your home country.
  • Through the CAPSTONE American Curriculum, students will receive certification of official American high school credit or graduation.
  • CAPSTONE American Curriculum courses are taught by certified American teachers in English and textbooks are the same as those used in American high schools.
  • CAPSTONE always works closely with American partner schools to set up an appropriate curriculum for local partner schools.
  • CAPSTONE American Curriculum is an educational service product owned and provided by Edu-Link Consulting Corp.
American Public High School
Credit Courses (Grade 9-12th)

- Pequannock School District, Morris County, New Jersey
- Mount Olive School District, Morris County, New Jersey

TOP 100
American Universities
American Private High School
Credit Courses (Grade 9-12th)

- Han Al School, Bergen County, New Jersey
- Window Art Program of Portfolio Preparation

TOP 20
American Art Universities
American University
Credit Courses (Grade 9-12th)

- Dual Enrollment with FDU(Fairleigh Dickinson University), New Jersey
- AP CAPSTONE Curriculum

TOP 30
American Universities
American Middle School
Subject Courses (Grade 6-8th)

- Science and Social Studies
- English Language Arts

TOP 30
American Boarding Schools