Curriculum Contents

Courseware has a broad range of interactive core subjects and elective courses to fit everyone’s needs and allows for flexible and customizable implementation options. All courses can be restructured for any environment and allow educators to keep track of their students’ progress with comprehensible data.
    ✔ Online curriculum to support student success
    ✔ Customizable and easy-to-use course offerings
    ✔ Research-based instructional design
    ✔ Clear visibility into student pace and progress

Exact Path includes assessment-driven core subject instruction that aligns with the instructor’s goals and students’ needs. Teachers will be able to use adaptive diagnostic assessments to track students’ growth and progress in real-time to take advantage of every teachable moment.
    ✔ Diagnostic assessment with valid growth measures
    ✔ Interactive data visualization and customizable reports
    ✔ Assist in supporting group and individualized learning

Assessments identify learning gaps and help educators focus on opportunities for student improvement. The adaptive assessments help improve and promote growth by providing targeted instruction to where intervention or support is needed.
    ✔ Provide targeted intervention with powerful assessments
    ✔ Remediate off-grade level work with adaptive instruction
    ✔ Ensure core subject proficiency and track progress over time

ACT, SAT, AP Preparation Courses are provided through Courseware focuses on college and career readiness to ensure students have a well-rounded experience that develops academic skills. A breadth of topics are covered and allow students to learn and explore skills needed for careers that interest them.
    ✔ SAT Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics
    ✔ ACT English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning
    ✔ AP Courses such as Biology, Chemistry, English, U.S History, and more

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Education City offers a flexible range of resources to support targeted instruction and student practice. Instructors will be able to find resources and tools to cater to all teaching needs and have exciting activities to engage all students.
    ✔ Simplify your lesson planning with time-saving tools
    ✔ Track students’ progress in real time
    ✔ Allows students to work on a wide variety of content options

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Study Island offers K-12 practice and classroom assessment tools for a variety of core subjects to engage, assess, and monitor student progress and proficiency. Instructors can make analyze data collected through Study Island’s various resources and tailor targeted assessments and instructions to best support students.
    ✔ Customizable classroom assessment and flexible practice
    ✔ Create and assign targeted assessments with built in student tool and immediate feedback
    ✔ Real-time progress monitoring to track student outcomes

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EduSmart provides standards-based digital teaching and learning tools for the classroom that have been developed with a focus on the needs of the STEM teachers and students. EduSmart programs’ research-based design and flexible format adapt easily to support all types of instructional models including direct instruction, cooperative learning, and inquiry-based instruction.
    ✔ Promotes Science literacy and collaborative problem-solving with STEM activities
    ✔ Technology-based activities and solutions and been developed to ensure instructor support
    ✔ Enhances classroom experience for both students and teachers without disrupting current classroom practices

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MINDS-i holds the vision that robotics can and should do more, stimulating minds both young and old. MINDS-i is rocking the robotics world through a high-technology platform that is simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable and relevant for the 21st century. The company has a deep desire to make a difference by contributing to others in a meaningful way and is named after their mission: creating anything you can envision in your "Mind's Eye".
    ✔ Provide Education Labs and Curriculum to promote science and robotic literacy
    ✔ Technology kits and accessories for robotics class, competitions, and activities
    ✔ A patented system of interchangeable “quick-lock” construction elements to create, modify and re-create extreme vehicles, robots and machines

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