Why U.S. University

  • World Class Education
    16 out of the top 20 universities worldwide are located in the United States. 52 of the top 100 universities worldwide are in the United States. A degree from a top American university can help a student immensely in his or her success in the future.
  • Variety of Universities
    The United States is home to over 1,700 public and 2,500 private institutions, more than ten times as many as any other country in the world. In the US, students can choose a university that is right for them.
  • Global Marketability
    In an increasingly globalized world, international students who have studied abroad in the United States have a distinct advantage in the job market. Because English is an essential language for global business success, a degree from an American university increases a job applicant’s marketability and future prospects.
  • A Unique Approach to Higher Education
    Classes in U.S. universities are often small in size, and focus more on discussion rather than lectures. In America, students learn the value of crafting a persuasive argument, of intellectual debate and inquiry. Students don’t just learn facts, they learn how to think and analyze and problem-solve.
  • Campus Life and Student Diversity
    American university campuses are truly melting pots of diversity. Students studying at an American university encounter people from different cultures, of varying ethnicities, who each have their own unique point of view – all of which will serve to enhance a student’s sense of global awareness.