Hao W.
Accepted Columbia University, University of California, New York University

[Parents]As if the college admissions process weren't stressful enough, our child was applying to Columbia. We knew they would face incredible competition and that is why we contacted CAPSTONE for help. CAPSTONE worked with me and my son to ensure that we understood the application process. After that, CAPSTONE really went to work helping my child with the actual application. Mr. Park and his staff provided incredible detailed help and answered every question we had. We're really glad we chose to work with CAPSTONE.


Lily H.
Accepted Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University

[Parents] When you hear about the Ivy League and other prestigious American schools, of course you wonder what it takes to get accepted to one. After a thorough consultation with Mr. Park and expert support from CAPSTONE staff, we don't wonder anymore. CAPSTONE really made a tremendous difference in our understanding of college admissions, and the knowledge they shared helped my child fulfill their dream of going to Yale.


John C.
Accepted Boston University, University of Illinois, University of Washington

[Parents] There are a lot of parts to a college application and when you're not used to answering abstract questions about yourself it can be difficult to know what to do. CAPSTONE took the time to get to know my child and their personality, strengths, and goals. They gave very informed advice that was based on their years of experience and in-depth evaluation of my child. They considered every detail of the application and helped my son/daughter write an application that best reflected him/herself. Working with CAPSTONE has been both academically and personally insightful and I appreciate their obvious dedication to their clients.