Public Ivies

If you dream of getting an Ivy League education but do not live near one of the universities, you may feel like you are out of luck. However, there are many top ranking public schools that may meet your needs.

The Public Ivy list was originally researched and determined by Richard Moll in 1985. The same set of characteristics that have made the Ivy League what it is today were applied to the above schools. These include a tradition steeped in excellence, high standing, and top rated academic programs. For example, UC Berkeley is a leader in scientific research and ranks above all of the schools in the Ivy League. Many of the public ivies also have better athletic teams because they receive more public funding and support than the Ivy League teams. How does the above list differ from the traditional Ivy League schools? The main difference is mostly the cost of tuition. Typically, public schools are far less expensive than the private schools in the Ivy League.

If you have thought an Ivy League education is not in your future, take a closer look at the public ivies.