Why Boarding School

Occasionally, international students wish to enroll in a private boarding school and boarding schools have prerequisites that stand apart from the standard international application process. These exclusive schools offer an education which is highly valued throughout the world. The rigor and the pace of the courses in a private boarding school attract students who seek outstanding academic excellence in a campus setting that reflects a college environment.

Although there are numerous private boarding schools in the U.S., CAPSTONE offers specialized services to ensure students are well prepared for the necessary tests and interviews required for the application process. This is an important decision, and we work closely with parents and students to achieve the goals and aspirations that have been set. We focus on understanding the needs as well as the academic profile of the students to develop a strategy that will make an ideal match between the student and school.

  • The Academic Promise
    Boarding school students are in smaller classes sizes and are challenged by teachers who have advanced degrees.
  • Great Sports and Sports Facilities
    Boarding schools have exceptional sports programs, with a variety of interscholastic and intramural offerings, and excellent facilities. Many boarding schools’ athletics facilities rival those of colleges and universities.
  • Clarify Any Confusion
    The application process can be daunting and at times confusing, especially for international students. Our consultants will work with you to simplify the application process, letting you focus on what you need to get done and answering any questions.
  • Quality of Resources
    Student resources at boarding schools, especially at large and prestigious schools, are known for their quality and comprehensiveness. Many boarding schools have their own performing arts centers, museums, art galleries, and more. Libraries are also well stocked and equipped with the latest technology.
  • College Counseling
    Boarding schools offer superior college counseling services. With smaller class sizes, counselors can focus on helping students on a more personal, individual basis.
  • Course Offerings
    Boarding schools offer a wide variety of courses beyond the core curriculum. Students are free to pursue their own passions in art, music, dance, theater, and in many schools, they can even pursue their academic interests through independent studies.
  • Learning Self-Responsibility
    Living away from home teaches students to take responsibility for their lives. Without their parents, students have to learn to handle their own affairs, both academically, personally, and as a part of a larger community.
  • Community
    Students at boarding schools are immersed in a diverse, supportive, and tight-knit community. In this environment, it is common for students to form some of their deepest friendships – ones they will remember for life. Boarding school alumni are also very proud of their alma mater and form a strong network for a student’s future.
  • 24-Hour Learning
    Boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities because it fosters a greater sense of community.
  • Learning to Lead
    Boarding school students have more leadership opportunities.
  • College Bound
    It’s almost universally acknowledged that boarding school environments – through the balance of greater mentor guidance and greater personal responsibility – deliver graduates to university with an unequaled level of preparation.
  • Lead to Top University
    Students are surrounded by peers who share the same high level of academic achievement and wish to apply to the top universities.