Martin M.
Accepted Salisbury School, Avon Old Farms School

[Student] After the whole process of applying high school, I feel like edu-link consulting have got me into a really good school, which I could not do it by my own. Mr. Park is a really kind person, after working with him for couple months, he is just like one of my friend. Dr. Duchnowski is definitely a highly knowledgeable writer, she reviewed my paper so many times. I really appreciate the help from Lucy and Kaitlyn, without their work, I could not finish my application that fast. It is my pleasure to work with such a professional group of people, and I look forward to work with the again for my college. [Parents] There are so many excellent high schools in America, but the key is whether it's suitable for our child. And Edu-Link helped us select the most suitable schools for us in the beginning. Mr. Park has extensive experience and networks that he has acquired for the last 24 years. He helped us from selecting schools, traning and finalizing the school from the offers that we received, which saved us a lot of troubles and make it very straightforward. Also, all the employers in Edu-Link are very professional, so we will continue to choose Edu-Link as the consultant for our college application.


Brad K.
Accepted Suffield Academy

My mother introduced me to Edu-Link when I was in the middle of applying to a new boarding school, and I am thankful that she did. Edu-Link provided invaluable help during my transition process between boarding schools. Mr. Park, the president of Edu-Link, was especially helpful by offering valuable, detailed advice throughout the entire interview process. The Edu-Link staff was also courteous, professional, and helpful, showing me how to fill out the forms and recommending specific courses to take. Their help made me informed about the application process cleared up many of my questions, giving me less worry about moving to a different school. I really appreciate all the help that I received from Edu-Link and would recommend Mr. Park and his company to anyone who is interested in improving their chances for a brighter future.


Charlotte T.
Accepted Salem Academy, Fryeburg Academy, Stoneleigh-Burnham School, West Nottingham Academy

[Parents] Edu-Link consulting has a very professional and experienced team. They provide very attentive services and have well-organized procedures. This team provided tremendous help to my daughter's path to studying abroad. They are trustworthy and their extensive experience let me rest assured. Thank you so much Edu-Link consulting.


Samael M.
Accepted Tilton School, Marianapolis Prep School

[Parents] First of all, I have to give you the heartfelt thanks from our family to all your dedicated work in Zekun's American high school application process. Thank you for answering all of our questions and solving a lot of our questions and doubts, which cleared the path for Zekun's application. We really appreciate it! During the whole process, we felt your kindness, sincerity, patience and enthusiasm. We especially appreciate your understanding. You always feel our hearts and thoughts and understand correctly our core needs and give us the answer that we needed most. This is abosutely rooted from your enthusiasm towards work, and your strong feelings for education! I believe that everyone who interacts with you will form trust with you and I believe that every student and family that you truly care about during the application process will be grateful to you and I am sure that your work will be respected increasingly and become more successful! Only thanks can represent how we feel and we thank you again for everything you have done for Zekun! Thank you for helping her successfully get accepted by her dream school!


Mr. Bai
Accepted Taft School

[Parents] CAPSTONE is a highly experienced group of professional consultants who are extremely knowledgeable about the U.S. educational system. I trust CAPSTONE so that I send my son to them and let them help my son. I found out that they care deeply about every step my son must take in his educational journey. Due to their experience, professions, and thoughtful care about my son’s educational pursuit, I believe they are the best choice for my son’s future. So I trust them and let them help my son to pursue the future education. Thank you.


Billy Z.
Accepted Fryeburg Academy, Marianapolis Prep School, West Nottingham Academy

[Student] During the whole process of American high school application, Lucy and her hardworking colleagues helped me a lot in applying to study abroad and completing all the necessary materials. When I went to America to interview, I felt the great atmosphere of the schools that Edu-Link recommended to me and the hard work that Edu-Link consulting did for me. Understanding thoroughly about the schools shows that all the consultants from Edu-Link consulting are very hardworking and professional. I hope that I could also ask help from them if I have questions and problems when I am studying in America. [Parents] Edu-Link consulting, Lucy and all the other professional employees of Edu-Link showed their professional understanding, timely respond and sincere services in the whole process of high school application, such as consulting, researching and selecting schools. From questions to understanding, from strangers to getting familiar and building trust, we successfully finished the whole American school applications. We truly hope when Billy studies and lives in American, he could still receive their professional consulting and guidance and successfully apply to his dream school in college application. Sincere thanks!


Tony Z.
Accepted Northfield Mt. Hermon School

[Parents] Edu-Link has a very experienced and professionally dedicated team. They provide very thorough and attentive services. They are very patient and help our child in every little thing in the application process. The essay editor and consultant from Edu-link read through every email that we sent to the schools, and edited our essays meticulously in terms of language usage and grammar. Dr. Duchnowski absolutely has a well-deserved PhD in Literature. Before the school starts, Edu-Link has also been giving us guidance, and helping us with a lot of details in communication with the school. I really appreciate all the efforts and assistance that Edu-link provided. They have excellent teamwork spirits and are very responsible. I'm sure Edu-Link can help more and more great children!


May M.
Accepted Cheshire Academy

Hi, my name is May and I will be in 10th grade at Cheshire Academy this September. During my application, Edu-Link's teacher really help me a lot. My counselor is Ms. Lucy Lan, she reminded me to finish my essays, communicated with my parents and told me what to bring when I applied for a F1 visa. Dr. Duchnowski instructed me to write essays and thank-you letter, helped me to revise my work and chatted with me so as to improve my speaking level. Ms. Kaitlyn Rafferty called the school admission office and sent all my grades to the school I applied. In a word, I really appreciated all my Edu-Link's teachers. I do benefit a lot from their work and I can't wait to start my new semester at my boarding school!