Admission Processing

  • 1. Consider Studying Abroad

    Realize the need for English proficiency
    Understand the difference between your country’s education system and the American education system
    Evaluate your personal goals and how you will achieve them
  • 2. Gather Information

    Get advice from experienced people
    Search the internet
    Collect school resources
    Contact consultants
  • 3. Decide Where to Go

    Compare & contrast potential schools
    Understand your personal needs and preferences when evaluating schools
  • 4. Research Schools

    Consider school type (co-ed, all girls, all boys, junior, upper)
    Evaluate school (location/size/tuition/facilities/curriculum/college placement/athletics)
    Select candidate schools
    Request application materials
  • 5. Prepare Necessary Documents and Take Standardized Tests

    Make student profile
    Schedule interview (in person/phone/Skype)
    Take standardized test(s) (SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL, SLEP, WISC III)
    Assemble portfolio (art, music, awards list, family picture)
  • 6. Apply to Schools

    Fill out application form
    Receive teacher recommendations
    Request school for transcript (translate if necessary)
    Double check completeness of application
  • 7. Await Notification

  • 8. Decide Which School to Attend

    Obtain F-1 visa
    Review curriculum and study in advance
    Arrange for transportation
    Purchase school supplies
    Obtain immunization records
    Complete medical report (US physician)
    Arrange for housing
  • 9. Starting School

    Select courses
    Design overall coursework for target universities
    Open student account
    Obtain health insurance
    Establish contact information (e-mail/phone) of student, advisor, headmaster/dean
    Send guardian letter